Jonnansical Boo ( Founder )

(An ex-sports coach turned homeschooling mum with a special needs child.)

Founded by Jonnansical Boo, Science Explorers.Sg is an open age curiosity based science exploration group for the homeschooling community in Singapore. She follows a child-led methdology of encouraging children to bond with science through interesting daily science projects.

She organises STEAM events and runs regular activities.

Watching our young unfold their potential

How It Started …

Homeschooling a child with special need also means that the mother is in her need of making sure her child is learning and socialising in a safe place. It is very important to have a safe environment for him to be able to be himself. A place that he can learn at his own pace.

Overwhelmed with ideas and enjoying researching for affordable S.T.E.A.M projects, she began thinking about how she could put these to good use. A few homeschooling parents agreed that starting a cosy co-op group would be great idea.

This was how Science Explorers started!

Before joining the group for face to face activities, each family communicates about their needs and out team also shares the needs of the community. Everyone learns to be mindful about keeping peace, respecting each other and their space. This is effective for maintaining an inclusive learning environment.

We strongly believe in having an inclusive environment that is also flexible for children to take their time with the projects. We especially encourage parents to learn along with their child and provide help when needed.

We welcome you to our huge family!

We hold gently in our hands , the beauty of life …

We find contentment in serving all who needs us.

Join our FB group here, WhatsApp 98235888 or contact us at info@scienceexplorers.sg for more queries.