About SE Club

“Fly when you are ready!”

Science should be Fun and Curiosity should be Sparked!

Like butterflies emerging from their chrysalis, our children are trying to spread their wings fully before they dries. While doing so, they curiously observe and absorb … impatiently wanting to explore the world around them.

Once in a while, a butterfly might have deformed wings or missing legs … this is when we open our hearts in ways we can, to help them experience life – In all the best way possible.

Here, we work on alternate ways of engaging your child through giving them the opportunities to explore different kinds of S.T.E.A.M related projects.

We allow them to …

1. Build – Creating new ideas

2. Explore – Fixing and making things

3. Spark Curiosity – Wonder how things work

4. Ask Questions – Find out why

5. Find Answers – Ask and Research

6. Take Flight – Fly towards attraction