Rubric Explained 2020

Rubric for Science Fair 2020 Explained …

This assessment rubric for the Science Fair 2020 is a simple one. We will like to observe if the participant understands the basics when giving a presentation.

In the spirit of encouraging each child, each child will receive personal feedbacks from the judges so to make further improvements on your own. You will also receive a consolidated list for your score so you can understand yourself better and prepare yourself for the next Homeschool Science Fair.

Our main aim is to encourage the participants to learn and understand the basics when making videos, the challenges of making a continuous video to present their science related ideas, to learn to be bold to explore in uncharted waters and be creative while having fun!

Rubric Flow

Judges will receive a links to access the rubric list and access to the videos.

• They will watch the participants’ videos and fill up the rubric list accordingly.

• Program or Event directors will be in-charge of making deductions for entries criteria not followed after judge’s points are tallied.

There are 4 parts to this year’s rubric points system.

1. Basic Introduction

  • Focus on a short Self Introduction.
  • Short Project Introduction
  • In the situation whereby your video is separated from your form or name list, are the people able to figure out who or where this video belongs to?

2. Project Details

  • Focus on basic presentation of presenter and items used during showcase.
  • Presentation, Creativity, Completeness / Flow.
  • Relation to the theme “Science Around Us
  • If you remember to keep to the Submission Criteria.

3. Special Awards 

  • Focus on the ideas behind the projects.
  • If the project is Eco Friendly in idea or materials used.
  • If the project shows the Most Challenging idea or execution regardless of it being successful or not.
  • If the project has the Most Futuristic idea that make the public  want to see them in the close future and lastly.
  • The presenter who has the Best Presentation skill that blows the judges away with awe. 

 4. Judges Comments

  • Focus on their personal ideas on Constructive Ideas to how you can improve your project.
  • Positive Suggestion on how you can take your project forward into the future.

Points Calculation

  • Each Judge’s Rubric contains a maximum of 100points.
  • Total Score – Points from all 4 judges will be added together.
  • Average score – Total score will be divided by 4 to get an average score.
  • Finial score – Deductions for submission criteria not followed will be taken away from the total average.

Points Deductions & Special Bonus …

Exceeding Video Timing – under 6 years old & 7 – 9 years old group are limited to 5mins and under 10 – 12 years old & 13 – 15 years old are limited to under 10mins.

Continuous Video – Video with and be stitch together by “cut & paste/connect” will be given deductions according to the number of times it has been done. Min deduction starts from 5 points from the finial average points given.

Special Bonus – Due to our special needs participants, certified special need children will be given an extra 5 points for the extra efforts they need to put in due to their mental or physical challenge.

If there is a Tie for …

Age Award – Our Homeschool Science Fair 2020 Director Jonnansical Boo will make the final casting vote for the winner. E.g. If there are 3 submissions for category aged 7-9 with 70points, Jonnansical will decide the winner for the category by casting 1 point. The winner will receive 71 points in total.

Special Award – Melanie Neault, our Homeschool Science Fair 2020 Programme Director, will choose from the final selection for each special award if there is a tie. E.g 1. In the “most eco-friendly” selection, two judges vote Child A’s project, two judges vote Child B’s project. Melanie will cast the final vote. E.g. 2. In the “most futuristic” selection, all 4 selections are from different children. Melanie will cast the final vote.

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